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Trick or Treat? Get your Halloween Treat Now!

October 27, 2016


Halloween is by far my favorite holiday, but I have never been able to stand by the question “Trick or Treat”, mostly because I have always thought it was a rhetorical question. Treats is the obvious answer, right?! That’s why I love it when others automatically jump to the same conclusion. This year my treats come from Floria flowershop who have come up with a wonderful Halloween themed floral arrangement workshop. And while I had to arrange it myself, you can just pop up and buy yours. Easy as pumpkin!

Floria specialists have created beautiful floral arrangements with an eccentric Halloween-ish twist, using the icon of the holiday: the pumpkin. Although quite quirky, these arrangements have the same elegant and refined feeling that is the definition of Floria. Beautiful shades of orange, yellow, dark purple, bordeaux, pale pink and fresh green make a beautiful autumnal visual.

Enjoy the beautiful visuals from our interactive and engaging workshop and go get your floral pumpkin while you still can!








Live beautifully.

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